Take a Play from the Experts’ Playbook

Since the S&P 500’s March drawdown of nearly 35percent, this index has almost retraced the year’s high and is currently four percent positive for the year. However, now may be the time to reevaluate the risks — and opportunities — within your investment portfolio.  MarketWatch recently asked me to write an article on this subject. Tuesday, August 11, my opinion was published in the article “It’s time for a stock market reality check or the next downturn will surprise us all.”  

While the stock market appears to have recovered from the shock of the pandemic, this stands in stark contrast to an economy that is dismal for the 31 million unemployed Americans unemployed and thousands of shuttered businesses in the U.S. The unfortunate truth is that no matter who wins in November, we do know it will take years to get us back to the economic levels of January 2020.  

Currently, many institutional money managers are holding 20-25 percent cash in their personal accounts. Do they know something you don’t? Whose investment company do you want to be in — an institutional money manager or a retail Robinhood investor? 

Read my article to understand my rationale in holding more cash in your portfolio and why now is the time for positioning for pullbacks in the public stock market and dislocations in private markets. Take a play from the institutional investors’ playbook: be ready to create real wealth from the opportunities created during recessions and crises.  Now’s time to make your “shopping list!” 

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Michelle Connell, CFA is the President and Owner of Portia Capital Management, LLC, the only Registered Investment Advisory firm in DFW to be founded by a female CFA. Ms. Connell is one of the highest-rated finance professors in the United States, currently serving as an adjunct professor at The University of Texas in Dallas and teaching the CFA Review for the DFW CFA Society. Ms. Connell works with her students and private clients to understand the value of crafting a portfolio that includes conventional products as well as alternative assets, including private equity, private debt and real estate, and allows investment portfolio creation with greater downside protection and more consistent returns. 

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