Inflation: Is This a “Non-Transitory Problem or Will It Put an End to the Investment Markets’ Party?

Recently, Portia Capital Management owner, Michelle Connell, CFA, had the privilege of sharing our opinion on this subject with two news media outlets.  The Asahi Shimbum, one of the top three news papers in Tokyo, is our first quote in the foreign press. CNN was also added to our list of domestic media contributions.

On May 12, updated CPI numbers came out.  In the 12 months through April, the CPI shot up 4.2 percent. That was the largest gain since September 2008 and followed a 2.6 percent increase in March. The Dow and the S&P 500 started to decline in response, but have since bounced back.

The question is whether inflation is in fact “transitory” as the Fed keeps insisting or is this really a long-term issue that consumers and investors need to prepare for?

Since most of us do not speak Japanese, (although I did learn several Japanese phrases as a kid), click the image below to read the CNN story.

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Michelle Connell, CFA is the President and Owner of Portia Capital Management, LLC, the only Registered Investment Advisory firm in DFW to be founded by a female CFA. Ms. Connell is one of the highest-rated finance professors in the United States, currently serving as an adjunct professor at The University of Texas in Dallas and teaching the CFA Review for the DFW CFA Society. Ms. Connell works with her students and private clients to understand the value of crafting a portfolio that includes conventional products as well as alternative assets, including private equity, private debt and real estate, and allows investment portfolio creation with greater downside protection and more consistent returns. 

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