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Women should feel empowered when it comes to finances; and armed with information so they are confident to ask the right questions that will increase their chance of reaching their investment goals.

Last week, Michelle Connell, CFA had the opportunity to be interviewed by Abrey Aquino of ABC 10 Sacramento. During the interview, she discussed women in finance — from both the personal and professional perspective. 

Did you know that today, fewer women are participating in the investment industry than 20 years ago? Why is this, and how can we encourage more women to jump into a career in investments and wealth management? Women historically have better investment performance as professionals, yet they tend to second guess themselves and take less risk. 

Women should feel empowered in this area and arm themselves with information to help them feel confident when it comes to managing money — whether personally or professionally. Women who choose a male financial advisor should always be prepared to ask good questions that will increase their chances of reaching their investment goals. 

The discussion ended with specific actions investors should consider now in this post-pandemic world. Watch the full interview below.

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