Female Baby Boomers Lead Men in Retirement Savings During Pandemic

“61% of boomer women socked away more than expected in retirement accounts vs 26% of boomer men.” (NextAvenue.org) Kerry Hannon, best-selling author of personal finance and retirement advice, recently wrote on how women’s post-pandemic strategies for retirement saving have changed compared to men’s. I was honored to weigh in with my thoughts regarding this topic. […]

Yahoo Finance Market Close – July 23, 2021

As the Dow exceeded 35,000 for the first time on Friday, I had fun discussing the (ir)relevance of investment fundamentals and if returning to past gigs as restaurant servers would make sense on Yahoo Finance’s Market Close program. Thank you, Yahoo Finance and anchors, Seana Smith and Adam Shapiro, for giving me the opportunity to […]

Are the rich getting richer?

On August 22, Michelle Connell, CFA was asked to offer her opinion on the bifurcation of the Covid economic recovery on Paul Dudley’s weekend show in New Orleans (WWL-TV). While the well-off may be benefiting from a “V” shaped recovery, the majority are trying to just break-even (i.e. a “K” shaped recovery).  Sidenote: Excuse the […]

Will Feds raise interest rates? MarketWatch Update – Aug. 4, 2021

The stock market’s anxiety appears to be increasing and today’s markets were off almost 300 points earlier today. Yesterday, MarketWatch invited Michelle Connell, CFA to share her opinion on the current climate of investment markets, as well as prudent tactical recommendations. Learn more about our services. Would you like to learn more about we have […]