4 Reasons to Teach Your Child to Give this Christmas

By Michelle Connell, CFA | 2 min read “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  As Christmas quickly approaches and you’re purchasing final gifts for your children and loved ones, have you stopped to consider the gift of giving?  Research reveals that for children, receiving too many gifts increases destructive behavior, lowers self-esteem […]

A Look Back: 2019 Marcus Evans Private Wealth Management Summit

By Michelle Connell, CFA | 2 min read I had the honor of serving as chairperson for the Marcus Evans Private Wealth Management Summit in Orlando, December 2-4. The Marcus Evans Summit brought together leaders from America’s top single and multi-family offices and investment boutiques from across the globe. A premium, invitation-only event, the Summit […]

A Season of Gratitude: Reflections on 2019

By Michelle Connell, CFA | 5 min read In this article: Portia Capital Management’s charity, Portia’s Children, gives back to Educational First Steps (EFS), enabling more underprivileged children to receive early education. EFS adds 16 centers from waitlist to program in 2019. PCM client, H&B Young Foundation able to extend giving in local community, thanks […]

What Investors Need to Watch (and Do) As the End of 2019 Draws Near

Follow the Money By Michelle Connell, CFA | 7 min read It seems that every Wall Street expert has an opinion as to how the investment markets will ring out 2019. One person may say that the market is still cheap and should still be bought. Another expert may site the uncertainty in geopolitics and […]

Taking the Temperature: Just How “Sick” is Our Economy? And What Does It Mean for Your Investments?

Are all the symptoms pointing to a Q4 correction, just as we saw in 2018? Get Michelle’s insight, based on research from top investment experts and analysts.

Michelle Connell to Chair Private Wealth Management Summit

Michelle Connell, CFA, President and Owner of Portia Capital Management, LLC has been invited to serve as chair of the premium Marcus Evans Private Wealth Management Summit in Orlando, December 2-4, 2019.

Does Your Investment Portfolio Need First Aid?

By Michelle Connell, CFA | 7 min read After reaching a year-to-date return of almost 20 percent, the equity markets have been down significantly the last six trading days—almost six percent. Is it possible we have gone into correction mode? If so, should you be doing anything to mitigate the risk to your portfolio? Why […]

The US/China Trade War: A.K.A. “You (almost) sunk my battleship!”

Michelle Connell, CFA | 4 min read What’s going on in the current markets, and what’s the smartest move for investors in response? From the slowing economy to the effects of the ongoing (and likely not ending soon) US/China trade war, here’s what you need to know about the current state of the market. As […]

Giving All Children a Chance with Educational First Steps

By Michelle Connell, CFA | 2 min read ​​Educational First Steps has served low-income neighborhoods of North Texas for nearly 30 years by transforming daycare centers in these neighborhoods into nationally accredited early learning centers. Now serving more than 1,000 preschools and daycare centers in 24 school districts, Educational First Steps is focused on neighborhoods […]

May Market Update and Why You Need Active Investment Management

By Michelle Connell, CFA | 6 min read Markets are up 17.5 percent year-to-date! That’s a lot for a four month investment return, right? Perhaps not when we consider that the S&P 500 is basically back to zero from the fourth quarter correction. While you are probably happier looking at your April 30 investment statements, […]