Portia Capital Management, (a.k.a. "PCM"), was named for the heroine, Portia, in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. Portia's characteristics of ethics, tenacity and loyalty make her one of literature's best-known heroines. Portia defeats every obstacle that is put before her.

The test of a good investment strategy is the ability to withstand the obstacles of economic uncertainty and market volatility. The goal of PCM is to provide our clients with investment plans that are sound and meet their individual goals, but also adapt to global dynamics.


Michelle Connell, Owner and President of Portia Capital Management, LLC, is a CFA charter holder with vast experience in finance, as well as the public and private investment markets. As a CFA charter holder, Ms. Connell is held to the highest fiduciary standard in finance.

We serve institutions, charities, endowments, foundations, pensions as well as high-net worth individuals. We take an institutional approach to the individuals we serve, providing them access to alternative assets they might not get anywhere else.

While these facts do not provide a guarantee to financial success, they may help give you a comfort level that your investment counsel is putting your needs first.



Ms. Connell has devoted her professional life to the wealth management of private investors, as well as non-profit institutions. She received her Master of Business Administration with Honors from San Diego State University and an undergraduate degree from Seattle University (Magna Cum Laude). Ms. Connell has extensive experience managing equities, fixed income and private investment portfolios. She has served as a senior portfolio manager for several private banks and boutiques in Texas, Chicago and the West Coast.

Ms. Connell is also an adjunct professor of Finance at the University of Texas in Dallas and also teaches the CFA Review at several other universities. She was rated one of the Top 12 Financial Professors in the United States in 2019.

Ms. Connell has over 20 years experience serving in institutional investment capacities, including: Co-portfolio manager for several mutual funds; Investment committee member responsible for the approval of all assets, including public and private markets; Head of the Technology Sector analyst team for one of the nation’s largest banks; Senior portfolio manager serving foundations and ultra-high net work individuals; Tenure at firms that specialize in the offerings of private equity and private debt.

Senior Investment Analyst

As a senior investment analyst, Mr. Huang’s role is to perform due diligence of public investments including mutual funds and stocks, as well as alternative investments. Mr. Huang prepares investment proposals for internal and client use and performs detailed analysis of institutional investment performance. He is also responsible to monitor macro and micro factors of economic and market developments; research institutional investment client prospects; assist with investment updates to clients; and prepare sales and conference materials.

Edward has a B.S. in Finance from the University of Texas at Dallas.


Portia Capital Management is committed to contributing a minimum of 10% of its profits towards the education of children from single parent homes. This effort will be known as "Portia's Children." Portia’s Children’s goal is to give disadvantaged youth hope and help them move beyond their economic circumstances.


Build a trusted relationship with every PCM client and reach an understanding of their family's or organization's goals and needs. Develop a strategic plan for each client that preserves their legacy and empowers them with a customized portfolio. Educate our clients on the dynamics of the investment markets and help them become confident of their futures. PCM's practice focuses on the preservation of wealth for foundations, charities and families.

Ms. Connell has extensive experience managing equities, fixed income and private investment portfolios.